Adult Day Center

5 W. Mt. Airy Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19119

providing supportive services for older adults

Adult Day Center Services
Monday - Friday
6am - 5pm

The Center offers a structured weekday program of personalized recreational activities, health, and social services for adults needing support and supervision during the day.  The program creates opportunities for participants to adapt, restore, strengthen, and maintain self-care skills.  The Center also serves as a source of respite and support for families and other caregivers.  Care is taken to create the right environment to suit each participant's abilities, needs, and culture.

Participant Profile
Persons who enroll in our adult day center are generally 60 years of age and older, who are having difficulty managing everyday activities on their own.  Center participants need assistance in varying degrees with performing routine self-care tasks (bathing, dressing, grooming) as well as home management (housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation).

Recreation and Leisure Program
The focus of the adult day center is on wellness, using recreation and leisure activities as the focal point.  Programs are designed to restore, strengthen, and maintain well-being.  The benefits of therapeutic recreation include opportunities for: cognitive and physical stimulation; peer interaction; community involvement; building self-esteem and self-worth; gaining or possibly rekindling past interests; and identifying methods of self-expression.  The highly- structured program helps to reduce anxiety and brings comfort through a sense of belonging.

Professional Services - 
Nursing, Social Work, Primary Care, Podiatry, Lab Work, Mobile  Diagnostics,  Optometry, Physical and Occupational Therapy, and Medication Administration 
Nursing care is provided by RNs.  The primary goals are to optimize the overall health and safety of the participants and to educate and support caregivers.  Participants have a broad range of complex, chronic health conditions including dementia, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and Parkinson's disease.  Many participants are memory impaired.  Direct care staff provides hands-on assistance throughout the day.

Homelink works closely with Multicare Health System, an in-home medical care provider, to meet the health care needs of consumers, in addition to other specialists, and institutions, including the Philadelphia Department of Veterans Affairs.  Podiatric and eye care are provided on site by consulting physicians.  The RNs coordinate on-site lab work, mobile diagnostic services, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

The Center provides a respite resource for families and other caregivers.  Information and referral, benefits counseling and long-term care planning are provided.  Staff assists with arranging for care at home as well as a short stay in a nursing home or assisted living facility.  The monthly newsletter includes resource information and caregiver training announcements.

Most participants use ParaTransit, while some participants are transported to and from the center by caregivers.  Staff works closely with caregivers and public funding sources to facilitate access to transportation services for both adult day center transport as well as travel to medical appointments.

Hours of Operation
The Center is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The daily charge for an adult day center participant is paid by the consumer, caregiver, or a public funding source.  Homelink, Inc. is an Options and Enhanced Waiver provider for the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA).  In addition, the Philadelphia Department Veterans Affairs supports eligible veterans in the center.  Participants and their caregivers may choose to pay for additional days of attendance when their needs and interests exceed the resources available through public funding sources.

Services, admissions, and referrals are provided and made without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, disability,
age or sexual orientation.